#3973 – CLEAN

i just finished cleaning my car over the last 90 minutes… it’s now so clean outside that you could eat off of it, i suppose. as long as you’re not eating off the front bumper – i can’t get those bugs off. but the rest of the car is all shiny! i even used my vinyl-cleaning spray and cleaned up the black vinyl trim along the bottom of the car, too. it looks very sharp! makes me wish i had my camera here with me to take a picture of it. i could also take pictures of my other new mini also, but i don’t have my camera with me so it’s a moot point. i wonder how much used macro canon lenses go for on ebay? hm.

i need to figure out how to go about cleaning the carpet in the boot, though. my vinyl-cleaning spray had been in there since the 4th of july (we were possibly going to clean our cars before the parade), and it somehow leaked / osmosis’d out and is soaked into the carpet back there. not all of the carpet, but most of it. i don’t think it actually leaked as in “spill”, because i had some cans of diet coke sitting in there for the last month (i had bought those for our mini cooper friends but we ended up not needing them, and after a month of cooking in the back of my car i doubt they’re still good) and they had a kind of greasy feel to some of them from the cleaning spray.

i guess sometime i’ll have to take that carpet out and hose it down or something. hosing it down inside the car is a bad idea, since the battery is right underneath there.

now that my car-cleaning is done, though, i can now hop in the shower, run to the bank, drop this envelope off at the post office for mom, and then come back here to buy myself a ticket to king’s dominion for tomorrow. after that, head back to the apartment, change clothes, and then head into baltimore.