#3971 – 14.5 hours

oh man, if i didn’t need new tires, an inspection for my car, and gas money… i’d SO go here. unfortunately, it’s not practical or possible. phooey!

for my birthday i got some money from anne and the parents, and i also got another mini cooper! i need to take some pictures of it. makes me want a macro lens, though…

eta: i so didn’t intend to have “on the road again” as my song for this post. it’s fitting, though.


  1. If you just got a Mini, why do you need new tires and an inspection – it can’t be that old yet, they’ve only been out a year or two!!

    What happened to the first Mini?

    If mom and dad would like to adopt a Lambda Chi that already has college and grad school paid for, tell them you know where one can be found!