#3970 – birthday plans

  • stay cool oh, wait, i’m glenn, so that’s already covered
  • sleep in slept until 1
  • shower
  • check with ol’ coworker ben to see if he’s free on the 25th for all-you-can-eat crabs
  • stop by atm, get money for my ticket
  • head up to umbc, get a copy of transcript (not a big deal, if can’t do it today will be able to do tomorrow
  • meet up with ol’ coworker daria to get tickets for all-you-can-eat crabs
  • stop by marley station to give ol’ coworker ben his ticket for all-you-can-eat crabs
  • take car home for car-washing
  • family takes me out for dinner tonight

    other not-so-immediate plans:

  • get ticket for king’s dominion


    yesterday after work i met up with the family to see the bowie baysox play the vermont defenders… who comes up with these minor league names, anyway? we ended up losing something like 12 or 13 to 4… i could have seen the same thing at an o’s game, except this was free with free eats (it was some event from my mom’s place she’s working as a temp employee at at the moment). i took a bunch of pictures, i’ll have to upload them later – i still haven’t finished editing them and selecting which ones to use. they had a fireworks night, too, so i practiced different settings for taking shots of fireworks with my camera and will have to see how those turned out. i’ll have to do most of that when i hook my computer up to the family’s imac for editing since that’ll go much faster.

    at the baseball game (minor league games are wacky, they’ve got all sorts of weird promotions) they had bingo (you had to see what each baysox player did when they were up to bat, and depending on what they hit or if they struck out or what you’d mark the appropriate space on your card. mom just needed their catcher to hit a single to win a prize, but alas. they also gave an award to some guy for having the dirtiest car in the parking lot, but it wasn’t me. i can’t believe that! my mini is definitely dirty. 🙁

    ok, time to get this party started… *hops in the shower*