#???? – motored

why is it that i’ve seen more license plates from alaska on this trip to louisiana than other mini coopers?? 3 licence plates yesterday, and two today. wtf, seriously.

anyway, trip details so far…


i woke up around 8:00-8:30ish, got to the apartment, packed up my clothes and stuff, deposited a check at the bank, hit up the atm, and got on the road around 11:30. i wanted to get gas at the shell station, but the power in the area was out for the station and the local traffic lights, so that wasn’t exactly happening right then.

i got down to atlanta around 10-10:30 pm… i set up the gps navigation program on my phone and popped in an earbud in my right ear, and so as i’d be driving i’d suddenly hear a voice in my ear say “in .4 miles stay left on i-85!” – it was like i had my own personal copilot alligator! unfortunately my phone is not able to fix me up sandwiches on my journey, and so i had to fix those up myself. since the mini’s glove box is heated/air-conditioned, i had some ham and cheese for sandwich-making and put those in the glove box with the temperature around 66 degrees, and put a can of coke in there too to keep cool. when i wanted a sandwich, i took my loaf of bread and balanced a slice of bread on each knee, and would then reach into the glove box and add ham and cheese as needed. this way i only had to make only a few stops for gas or to use the facilities at rest stops to stretch my legs.

along the way i was singing and dancing and doing dashboard-percussion to the songs… one guy gave me a funny look and his kids dropped little plastic bracelets out of their minivan’s rear windows at me. another family in a sedan were all looking at me as they passed, and as i waved at them a little kid in the backseat waved back.

once i got to atlanta, i met up with raistlinvassago and her friends at the brick store pub for some booze, and afterwards we watched some tv carnage until about 3 am. i saw another mini cooper outside the pub, so i left a business card for the dc metro minis group (which probably really confused the mini’s owner, but i thought it was funny… and i had also been drinking, which might have been why i thought it was funny). the brick store pub was a cool place, though, and i hope to hit it back up and see everyone again on my way back through atlanta on saturday.


spent the night at jen’s place on the couch (she’s got a new boyfriend now; a little disappointing, but that’s the way life goes, isn’t it?), and this morning we went out to waffle house for breakfast and i got to motor her about in the mini since she’s only seen pictures of it and hadn’t seen it in person before – last time i was down there i had flown down. it was still nice to see her again, though, and very kind of her to let me crash at her apartment (this was the first time i had seen the new apartment all furnished, last time was when things were still being moved in).

got on the road around noon. got to louisiana just before 7:30 pm, so with the 1-hour time difference it took me around 8 hours. on the way this time i saw an accident on the side of the road (the police had already arrived, but i got there before the ambulances did and there were 3 or 4 cars on the side of the road, a smashed windshield on a van, and a man lying in the middle of the road with blankets on him but still alive and moving, just not in that great shape). i also stopped at a rest stop to stretch my legs and make a sandwich (the ham and cheese are probably suspect by now, so i’m just going to toss them; i brought along tins of chicken-spread to use as well, and you can’t exactly fork out chicken-spread easily while motoring, so rest stop it was), and after i took some pictures of my mini at the rest stop to try out my camera lens, a guy started walking around my car and asked me questions about mini coopers.

during another part of my drive i saw a car behind me and the passenger was holding a box with a circle in the front and i realized it was a camera, so i pulled into the right hand lane to let them pass and take pictures, and when i saw they were videotaping i started waving at them. pulled in behind them after they passed (it seemed like a lady and a late-teenager in the front and a kid maybe 12 years old in the back on a road trip somewhere), and they passed the camera to the kid in the back to keep taping me so i jammed out to my tunes again and did my dashboard-percussion (seriously, motoring with me is more party than road trip!), and they pulled into the right hand lane and i passed their car again and waved some more as they went off to their exit ramp on the right and i went off to mine on the left. it was fun to be a mini-celebrity with the paparazzi after me, bahahaha…

once in louisiana, venusglitz and lissylulu and myself watched “big brother”, and later sk8bette arrived and we saw the miss universe pageant. i tried updating from my phone during the beginning of the show with the contestant introductions in their homeland-costumes, but for some reason even though the text sent through it never made it to lj, but i was ALL ABOUT THIS SHOW. all over it like white on rice, like a fat kid on a smartie, or a supermodel on a catwalk:

“the miss universe competition is on tv, and OH MY GOD THEY’RE ALL SO CUTE I WANT TO TAKE THEM ALL HOME WITH ME OMG OMG OMG.

my only regret is not being able to see it on my hi-def tv. 🙁 hahaha

i’ve got some good pictures taken while motoring of funny road signs, other cars, or general chuckles during driving. i think this trip has had me driving the fastest i’ve driven for extended periods of time – it wasn’t unusual to be running 80-90mph for miles and miles. it was kind of surprising and ha-ha-ish to see someone pass me while i was zooming along, and once they passed the car ahead of me to learn that the car ahead of me was an undercover cop whose lights and siren immediately came on and pulled the guy who passed us over for speeding, but that’s the only close encounter with the law so far, AND LET’S KEEP IT THAT WAY. hahaha… don’t need this trip turning into no “smokey and the bandit” movie (though my walkie-talkies would make an ok substitution for cb radios, i suppose). unfortunately, you’ll have to wait until i either get back on sunday or find someplace with free wireless internets to get my pictures up. until then you’ll have to use your imagination at what roadside wonders i have seen thus far.