#3958 – the land of tigers and tabasco

this post has been brought to you by jp’s coffee in hammond where i’m taking advantage of wireless internets and their “velvet ice” mocha frozen coffee drink that i’ve mostly finished so now i’m shivering like crazy.

i realized once i got in here and started typing that i haven’t been typing on my laptop since i left on my trip, and since i just fixed the space bar a day or so before i left i’m still getting used to the way it feels. it’s working, but it’s got a weird sort of tension to it. hm. maybe because i reset it back to the way that it’s supposed to be? i don’t know.

yesterday, yesterday… what did i do yesterday… oh yeah – i woke up around 11ish and went to avery island, where they make tabasco. it was a little bit of a drive longer than i had expected at first (2.5 hours), but it actually all worked out since i didn’t have any other plans until knickee_lynn got off of work at 5 pm. i got to avery island around 2, and then spent an hour there seeing the tabasco factory and poking around the tabasco “country store”.

woah, weird… i just realized that “tabasco” is in the computer’s built-in spell-check dictionary. at least, it wasn’t marking it as a misspelled word. huh. also: trucker humor is kind of funny – i saw a bumper sticker that looked like an official sort of notice on the back of a tanker truck that said “LEG CHECK 50 FT – PLEASE RAISE SKIRT” and i was wondering what kind of a skirt would they have around a truck (would it be like those kind of stiff bristles they sometimes have around the wheels of trucks, i was wondering), until it hit me and i started laughing. unfortunately i wasn’t able to get a picture of the bumper sticker. also also: some things are just NASTY, like the billboards advertising an “adult entertainment” store with free truck parking and “clean showers”… EWW.

anyway, so i poked around there until about 3 or 3:30. picked up some stuff in the tabasco country store and got to sample their experimental jalapeño ice cream (tastes better than it sounds! trust me!) and their spicy cinnamon crunch ice-cream topping (also very good) that they’re experimenting with and may or may not market.

afterwards, i drove into baton rouge and met up with nikki, and we motored into metairie for sno-balls and drive-thru daiquiris. we got to sal’s sno-ball stand just before the rush; i got the “batman” flavor (orange + pineapple… and how can you resist a flavor called “batman”?), and nikki got lemon/lime. drove to the drive-thru daiquiri place and i’m still boggled that such a thing is allowed to exist.

since the night was still kind of young we ended up driving into new orleans to the harrah’s casino. we signed up for their “total rewards” program so we could get free parking, but the casino games weren’t that rewarding – nikki started with $5 or $10 and turned it into $20 or $25 or so, but ended with $5 + a scratch-off ticket for $5 that she got for signing up for their total rewards program… i started with $20, and the slot machines ate all of that, and then i took another $20 and turned it into $21 + the $5 scratch-off card i got as well. oh well. i was considering going for a turn or to at the roulette tables, but they were kind of packed and i wasn’t really feeling it. i figured i’d probably wait until today or tomorrow to go play roulette, but i don’t know if i’ll go back there just for that. maybe i’ll just do a weekend-day trip in august sometime to atlantic city and to the borgata.

ended up taking nikki back to her boyfriend’s place by baton rouge, and headed back to loranger and got back around 2 am-ish.

i had a weird dream last night that was kind of a continuation of a dream i had the other day where i was beating some big ol’ guy up in a fight. last night i saw him again in my dream and we started up round two of fighting. at the end of the fight i put some red and blue hat on his head and taunted him. the fight was about something having to do with democracy in china. after i taunted him, this old lady said that my taunts didn’t make sense because “those weren’t federal holidays”, and i argued with her that they were holidays because you couldn’t ever get anything done on labor day because it was a federal holiday, and that the 4th of july was created for the sole purpose of harvesting salt from mines (wtf?). people in my dream then asked the guy and myself why we were fighting, and we had no idea.

woke up today around 11 with no plans in mind. everybody at the house had gone for the day, so after showering / texting with sk8bette / checking email, i went into town to this coffee shop that i’m at now to putter around on the internet and to upload my pictures i’ve taken so far and kill some time. it’s just before 3 pm, so i’ll still have about 2 hours left to go before ally and venusglitz / lissylulu get off of work, and who knows if nikki will meet up with us after she gets off of work too, but i don’t know what else i may do around town. hrm.

i’m tempted to go to magazine street in new orleans, but maybe i’ll wait for ally to get off of work for that – i want to ride in her mini and she can take me down there. 🙂

pictures so far, or a few selected favorites:

Quad Damage

Quad Damage

kawaiikiwi‘s town


Keeping up with traffic, yikes yikes yikes

Keeping up with traffic, yikes yikes yikes...

North Carolina drivers are SCARY.

crazykiltman‘s town


Fonzie’s Van

Fonzie's Van

Two Great Reasons to Visit

2 Great Reasons To Visit

Chandelier Shadows

Chandelier Shadows

Mike the Tiger

Mike the Tiger

Tabasco Factory

Tabasco Factory

100 bottles of Tabasco on the line

100 bottles of Tabasco…

It’s not catsup,

let’s package it up,

99 bottles of Tabasco on the line…

(it makes me think of mr roger’s neighborhood and his picture-picture tours of factories, haha…)

Salute the Sauce

Salute the sauce...

Sal’s Sno-Balls

Sal's Sno-Balls