#3948 – preparation h(ell)

came home to see feisty_fitz‘s return from her cruise before leaving tomorrow for my trip down south. she got me some nifty things! i’ll have to take pictures of them when i can so that you can see. i’m staying the night here at the house since i’m already a little bit tired.

plan for tomorrow:

  • wake up around 8 am-ish
  • hit up the bank at 9 for a deposit and possibly a withdraw
  • get to the apartment, toss my stuff in my suitcase, and get on the road

    i still hope that it’s ok with raistlinvassago for me to stop on by on my way to louisiana – i don’t want to be a bother… 🙁

    plan for sunday:

  • leave atlanta
  • drive to louisiana

    there’s so much stuff i need to have/get ready, and so little time. i’m afraid i’m going to end up forgetting something. then again, who cares, it’s a road trip! 😀 whee!

    little-to-no internet access for the next week, so talk amongst yourselves until i return in all my glory… XD