#3940 – conflicts

today was the last day at work for one of my coworkers; she’s moving down to florida to work in a new store we’re building there (the grand-opening is next tuesday)… she’s really going to be missed because she was a lot of fun and very knowledgeable and was kind of like my “mother” at work in that she’d give me cakes and cookies and stuff like that, hahaha. she got rid of the rest of her stuff at her cube by having a “yard sale”… she even up signs that said:






one of our team members called her extension yesterday to ask for directions to the yard sale, hahahaha. she even did a silent auction of this index-card box with her accumulated knowledge from working her position the past few years, and took all the money she got and gave it to a coworker of ours who was in need of some cash and raised $100+ for our coworker. see, she’s a nice lady, and we’re going to miss her. 🙁 she said that i definitely will need to come and visit sometime, which i hope to do maybe next year.

i brought in another root beer keg to our pot-luck lunch and told people we were having a keg-party, hahahaha!

i sent an email to our scheduling people yesterday to see if they could move my day from the wait-list for the 28th to the 21st instead, and they were able to move my day off for me. later, someone else at scheduling sent me an email asking if i wanted to use my hours on the 28th since there would be room for it and i wouldn’t need to be on the wait list for that day, and i replied back to say that i had just switched my day to the 21st instead – i was figuring that if i had off on friday the 21st, then i could leave on that friday morning, arrive in the south (atlanta or wherever – i don’t want to impose on raistlinvassago if she’s going to be busy then…) friday night, and then on saturday i’d leave wherever i’m at and head to louisiana to arrive in louisiana by saturday evening. that way, since knickee_lynn will be starting her job on monday, venusglitz and lissylulu will be working during the week, and sk8bette will have class during the week too, at least we’d have sunday to all hang out and maybe do a motoring trip!

at least, that was what my plan was. feisty_fitz called me today to say that her boat has docked in new york and that she’d be home on the 21st, and that if i were to leave on the 21st then she wouldn’t get a chance to see me until 3+ weeks later until her next cruise was over and she wanted to see me before then. she’d be arriving here friday late-afternoon/eveningish, so that would kind of kill my travel plans for the day. unless i rested up all day, and then after visiting with her i’d leave that night (night driving is not so bad, there’s less traffic!), but i dunno… mom told her that the reason why i got scheduling to fiddle with my requested days off was so that i’d be able to see my friends more, but argh why does everything have to be so complicated to figure out and plan and i can’t decide what to do and it’s making me upset. 🙁 sk8bette / raistlinvassago / lissylulu / venusglitz / knickee_lynn, do you have any ideas/suggestions/input? i just need some ideas / different points of view. i’d need to request them to change it back either tomorrow (wednesday) or thursday by the latest…

i guess step one would be seeing if i’d be able to switch that day off back to the 28th from the 21st, because if i can’t then that eliminates a few options that are making things more difficult. i’m wondering also if i’m crazy for wanting to go on this road trip right when gas prices are going up up up. there’s a shell station near here that has my v-power gas for $3.19 (i stopped there the other day, and today there was a line of cars outside the station), and that’s a bargain considering the place i ended up getting gas today was $3.34 for the same).

i went home to get my camera lens. i can’t wait to give it a proper trying-out. now i’ve got L-glass up the wazoo 😀 😀 this one’s the 17-40mm f/4 L, and the other one i have is the 70-200mm f/4 L. i’ve still got my 50mm f/1.8 for low-light (and it’s the only one with a polarizing filter). it took some creative maneuvering, but i managed to get these three lenses and my camera all into my bag. i can’t keep the 17-40mm lens on the camera in the bag and still have room for the 50mm lens too, but i’m also debating if i should just leave out the 50mm lens only for when i’d need something small or in low-light. but then again, you never know when you’re going to need a low-light lens. maybe i should think about getting a bigger bag. it’s hard to think that i’ve had this camera for almost a year now, since i bought it for myself as a birthday present. once i get a chance, though, i’m going to stick the stock lens it came with up on ebay – now that i’ve got that 17-40mm f/4 L lens i don’t need the ok-but-still-crappy 18-55mm f/5.6 lens, and hopefully i can make a few bucks off of it.

on the way back to the apartment from home i passed a minivan that had a big sign in the back, and i thought “that’s a big ‘baby-on-board’ sign…”. turned out that it was a big sign that said “RADIOACTIVE” on the trunk and there was another on the left and right passenger windows, too! there was some sign on the front passenger door for the organization, but i couldn’t tell what it said. it would have been cooler if they were transporting radioactive stuff in a delorean, though! they need the nuclear material to jigawatts the 1.21 gigawatts of electricity that doc brown needs! i have to say that that’s much cooler than the big tractor-trailer i once saw driving down the highway at 2 am that said “DANGER: BIOHAZARD” for some sort of waste (medical or human, i can’t recall). that’s just grody to the max!