#3938 – congested

my throat has been strangely sore the past two days. at least my eye is doing better! my ears seem slightly stuffed up occasionally, though. wonder if this is all weather-related or due to air circulation in the apartment or what.

i sent a message to our scheduling team at work to see if instead of taking off from saturday through next sunday for my trip, if i could instead go from this friday to next thursday. yeah, it’s a day or two less that i’d be on vacation, but it’d be more convenient to visit people during the weekend than the week. we can still party it up after they get off of work and all, though. i’ll have to wait and see what the scheduling people say.

tomorrow’s a going-away party for one of my coworkers who’s moving down to florida – i’m going to miss her, she was fun, and we talked baseball stuff at work, and she got me beer at the o’s game we were at, haha… i volunteered to help bring in drinks, so i got another root beer party keg (the last in the grocery store!) and two bottles of soda to bring in – aww yeah, keg party at work tomorrow!