#3935 – just because it's from honeywell doesn't mean it needs to be sticky

i went out to buy a skillet and a spatula, and came back with those, a bag of garbage bags (but i couldn’t find the cheap-o plastic garbage pails, only expensive metal giant flip-top ones), and an oscillating tower fan for my room since it’s been hot in here even with the air conditioning on. i guess maybe our a/c unit isn’t that efficient? *shrug*

anyway, so i set this fan up and the first thing i find in the box is this long brown/black hair. ew. but i’m not going to be eating off this fan, so whatever.

there are two stickers that need to be removed from the fan; one on the top that demonstrates how to remove the remote control, and one on the remote control that demonstrates how to change the battery. why is it that both stickers were not only hard to remove, but also managed to leave a tremendous amount of that adhesive “snot” behind? goo-gone, goo-gone, my kingdom for some goo-gone!

at least now i can give my skillet and spatula a quick cleaning and fix me up a ham barbecue sandwich and get started on my schoolwork.