#3932 – concert coordinating

i was poking around the internets trying to find as much as i could about this concert from december 11, 1981 (i’d at least like to hear that piano performance if possible), when i made a discovery:

zappa plays zappa comes to dc on october 30! this makes the second concert this summer/fall that i’d like to go to, with the first being the who on their world tour – they’re in the process of announcing their tour dates… the closest to here that they’ve announced so far is in philadelphia on september 12, but ocarina might be interested to know that they’re going to ottawa on september 16.

eta: this is certainly bizarre, itunes had frank zappa as a featured artist with his entire music collection on there for purchase, now there’s none of his albums available on there at all. well, there’s “the zappa album”, but that’s only just covers of his songs. even the itunes essentials selection is absolutely free of zappa’s music. i guess this means he wasn’t only in it for the money, or even strictly commercial. should i freak out? maybe he has offended someone? hopefully he’s only gone crusin’ with ruben and the jets