#3931 – shake your ass, the ladies will follow

“When you were getting freaked by 5 girls at once, and not just one or two, I knew you were destined for greatness.”

~ mikey b, 2002

i love that quote that mikey b sent to me after one night we went clubbing, i think it’s hilarious XD right now though i’m so hot and sweaty, i feel GUH-ROSSE. 😛 time for another shower after i type this up!

i ended up going to mosaic, and they were having some big special thing so the cover was $10 instead of the usual $5. i was going to say that it seemed like a masquerade ball, and apparently that’s what it was. they had the area expanded a bit more with a big ol’ tent there where the dj and the dancing were, and had a few bellydancing-girls and a guy or two on bongos in there too.

anyway, got there, got my red bull and smirnoff, and started a-dancing. practically nobody else was dancing, but after i had been dancing for a while then other people (mostly girls) got into it and started dancing too. once my drink was gone, i got a drink of water from the bar and another red bull and vodka, and one girl came over and said i was very cool and complimented me on my dancing, so i thanked her for the compliment and told her that i was just doing the best i could. later on another girl (looking quite the emo-librarian) was dancing across from me and i complimented her on her dancing. nothing else came of that, though, but oh well – i was too sweaty and dirty for polite conversations, haha.

is it just me, or does it seem like every dj and their cousin is remixing “feel good, inc.” by gorillaz? this was the second time in two nights i’ve heard someone mixing that song up. i just think it’s kind of weird.