#3928 – we don't need no water, let the mother-fucker burn

owowowow my legs are killing me.

so! last night i went to nation for their last big shindig (there’s one or two concerts left, but this was their closing party – it’s going to end up being bulldozed to make room for the new baseball stadium for the washington nationals). i was going to leave the apartment around 9 or 9:30ish, and ended up leaving around 10 so that’s not too bad.

let me rewind for a few hours, though. around 8 or so, my little called me up to see if i had a spare ticket. see, he posted an away message a few days ago to see who was going, and i replied to tell him that i was. well, turned out he didn’t buy his ticket online like i did and just went down there but they had already sold out of tickets by about 2 pm, so he was pissed off at himself and out of luck. i checked with meowremix3804 to see if she had or knew someone who might have a spare, but none were to be found.

so, i got ready and caught the bus at 10, and rode from the bus to the metrorail and into dc. on the bus there were these two black guys sitting in the back of the bus and they were having the most heated conversation about people they knew who they thought were being complete bitches and were causing trouble and et-cetera and et-cetera. one of them was cussing and yelling so much i thought of samuel l jackson, and his tone of voice made me think of chuck d. i think there were one or two people who got on the bus, and got off immediately at the next stop because these two guys were discussing so. wacky world of rapid transit, indeed. i sent my ol’ coworker ben that text about how the guy reminded me of samuel l jackson and we had a txt conversation like this:

ben: “snakes on a bus?”

me: “ezekiel 25:17… the bus route of the righteous man is beset on all sides by the inequities of life and the tyranny of evil men…”

(i now know it’s “the inequities of the selfish”, but that’s not bad for pulling it off the top of my head!)

got to nation, and as usual (for me at least, since it was only my second time there) the line stretched around the building. chatted with this girl and a guy in line with me while we waited. got in around midnight, got a red bull and vodka, and explored the different rooms to see what was going on tonight. wandered about from room to room and was dancing it up, and once i’d get bored then i’d find a different room to dance in.

after dancing around in one room, i was headed to one of the bars to get some gatorade and i bumped into likeadream who i’ve known on lj for 5 or 6 years but had never met until now; it was good to finally meet her! 🙂 chatted for a few minutes, and then i continued in search of my gatorade since it was a sauna in there. got my gatorade, and continued going around and dancing it up. found a friend of meowremix3804 at the bar and we chatted for a bit while waiting for our drinks, and then later i found meowremix3804 herself.

later on i went out onto the balcony to get some fresh air and while i was out there chilling this girl and her friend came on over; her friend didn’t say much, but the girl started talking to me:

girl: hi! what’s your name?

me: glenn; what’s yours?

girl: i’m samantha!

me: pleased to meet you!

samantha: so… how old are you?

at this point i noticed that she and her friend didn’t have wristbands on so they were under-21

me: uh, 23.

samantha: ahh.

she and i got to complaining about nation closing down and she said she was upset since she had turned 18 only in the past year and so she hadn’t really had a chance to go party there much. eventually she asked if i wanted to go dance and since that’s what i was there for i said ok. so, we danced it up some; some random guy came on over and started making out with her, but afterwards she started saying to me how rude she was just then and how sorry she was, but i told her not to stress out over it. went out to the balcony again and met some friends of hers who were rolling around on ecstasy up there, and one guy who started talking with us and really really wanted to know my opinions on israel and lebanon and workers’ unions and asked us each at least 3 times what it was we did for a living. samantha and i kept trying to get in touch with her friend since samantha’s phone was in her friend’s car trunk and so she didn’t have any means of communication, so we would wander about to find her friend, dance some more, and then wander about again. her friend had my phone number (samantha gave it to her in case she needed to call us to find out where we were in the club), but when they were leaving at 6:30 since samantha had to work at 9:30 she asked if i had her phone number. on one hand, i got more digits (or, more accurately, they were foisted upon me)! on the other hand, she’s barely legal. 😛 at least she did say that she had fun with me and thanked me for helping her out with finding her friend. guess i’m 2 for 2 in meeting girls at nation. AND NOW THEY’RE TEARING IT DOWN WTF. 🙁 scored a free t-shirt commemorating the event, though – they were tossing them down into the crowd and most of the people kept trying to get a person on the right hand balcony to toss a shirt to them, and there was a guy on the left that not many people were noticing who was doing the same thing, so i started waving at the guy on the left. all the ones he threw at me were caught by the people around me, but eventually this girl with him pointed me out to him and he got one to me. on the front it says:



Oct 1995 – July 2006

while the back said:







i don’t know how much use i’ll have for a shirt that says “let the mother-**cker burn”; i was going to give it to my little since he couldn’t go, but he’s not exactly a little guy and this shirt is only a large. hrm.

waited around for the metro to open up at 7 am again (i was originally planning to just take the bus, but since it was only 30 minutes this time instead of 3 hours it was much better, and there were other people waiting about too). i don’t know how the poor people in that subway car were still breathing once we piled in all dirty and sweaty and odiferous. took pictures in the metro on the way back (mom saw “metro sunrise” and sent me a text to find out where in dc i was going at 8 am(?!) on a saturday(?!?!), and when i told her that i was going back to the apartment after clubbing it up all night long she texted back “oh! so you are just now heading home! all is normal, then”), and finally made it back here just after 9 am. i was starting to fall asleep on the metro and on the bus, though. but first, i need a shower, and then i can nap. i don’t want to suffocate in my sleep from green fumes. 😛

once i wake up:

  • food, i’m HONGRY.
  • penn camera (i want want want the 17-40mm f/4 L and today’s the last day to get it for the mail-in rebate)
  • bank (need to deposit rebate check from apple)
  • park the car by mosaic lounge
  • orioles game @ 4:35
  • maybe go to the mosaic lounge after the game since my car will be there anyway