#3924 – you'll be less likely to come back as a slug

i love mini usa. 😀 even just poking around at the mini cooper stuff on their site is fun (not as fun as motoring… but it’s pretty close!).

i still need to get some new tires, though! also, it’s getting harder and harder to wait until:

  • my road trip to atlanta / louisiana (i’m kind of tempted to get a parcel tray installed in there before the trip to help organize some of my on-the-road paraphernalia…)
  • a mini cooper trip to king’s dominion for riding on the italian job roller coaster
  • a mini cooper trip to go tubing down the shenandoah river
  • mini takes the states! a trip through virginia to king’s dominion (again) with a BUNCH of mini cooper owners (596!!!), and then the next day 658(!!!) of us go riding from dc up to jersey city for a big ol’ party

    also, i made some icons from the mini messaging kit for lj…


    i’ve slowly been exploring the idea of modifying my mini, since it’s bone-stock right now. it was actually pretty funny at the 4th of july parade seeing the other mini cooper owners “ooh” and “ahh” over my unmodified setup since practically everyone else has done something to their mini and so it’s been a while since they’ve seen a stock setup, hahahaha. probably get a sway bar put in, and i may or may not get a pulley in there too.

    hrm. i need some mini cooper gear too. i have nothing except my dc metro minis t-shirt (and even then i need to order a new one since my old one got some stains on it somehow 🙁 )

    so yeah, i guess there wasn’t really any point to this post except to say “nyah nyah i’ve got a mini and you haven’t (other than knickee_lynn, venusglitz, and soon to be sk8bette)”, hehe… the website was just so much fun to play around with and explore mini cooper stuff that things just snowballed up into this post, haha…