#3921 – party party party

who’s going to be in the baltimore area on august 4? that’s otakon weekend, so you’ll be here if you’re going to be here for otakon!

also, who wants free food?

finally, who wants cheap booze??

i won a happy hour party at howl at the moon for myself and up to 100 friends; since my birthday is august 3 (i’ll be turning 24!), and of the several days i was able to choose from i was able to select either august 4 or 5. since i’m going to ride mini cooper roller coasters on august 5, that leaves august 4! if you’re interested in partying it up with me for my birthday on august 4, then read on…

for the happy-hour, it goes from 5 – 8 pm; there’s no cover charge, your first two drinks are $0.50 each, and others are 1/2 price until 8. plus, free buffet, so if you’re in town for otakon and need some eats, you can’t go wrong with free!

if you’ll be coming from otakon, here’s a handy map that shows you how to get there – head right down pratt street, make a left once you’ve reached the best buy, and it’ll be in the “power plant live” area there; go on in and tell them you’re here for my party!

let me know if you think you’ll be coming so i’ve got an idea of how many people might be showing up; hope to see you there!