#3917 – return not required

my airport express base station went kaput on me a few weeks ago, and though it said online that it was out of warranty i took it to the mac genius at the apple store anyway. turned out that because i had applecare on my powerbook, that does cover the airport express! that’s good, because otherwise i’d be spending $120 for a new one.

so, they took down the info for my airport express and said i’d get a new one in 3-5 business days. ok, no problem. this was father’s day weekend. they said once they get my replacement one to bring in my old one and they’ll do the swap then.

two weeks later i take my airport and ticket into the store to see what’s going on, and they said “well, sorry it’s taking so long, but we don’t know when it’s going to come in.” great.

now, 3 weeks later, i call up apple and wanted to be all mean about it (or at least get them to ship me a free ipod shuffle! for the inconvenience, that is). after an hour long phone call (most of it was on hold while they tried to figure out how to get the applecare for the powerbook to cover the express) they said they’d have a product specialist call me back so i wouldn’t have to wait on hold longer. ok, fine.

product specialist calls back in 5 or 6 minutes and says “ok, that’ll be shipped out to you and you should get it in 2 business days, and it’s ‘return not required’ so you can just toss out your old one in the trash” (that’s good, since it doesn’t power on)… i find it surprising that the entire time they did not even ask me what the problem was, hah! i was surprised that they were just trusting me on if it was busted or not that i didn’t ask for an ipod, hahah… oh well… i’ve still got this $100 gift certificate for the apple store that i can buy it with – i do need a flashdrive!

good thing i realized that the home run derby was starting at 8 and set my tv to record it; now i can cook up some dinner (mmm, i’m tempted to make some swedish meatballs) and watch some meatheads hit some balls at the same time. this makes me very productive on the phone getting-things-done bit for today… already called bank of america to set up my online account, now the apple stuff is out of the way, and then i’ll have to call vzw customer support because now that i’ve got this software upgrade for my phone it doesn’t let me send picture messages – no mobile phone picture-posts from me until this gets figured out. 🙁