#3911 – and i don't give a damn about my reputation

woke up today at 4:30 pm and after a shower and “breakfast” (yeah, cereal and milk, even though it was weird to have “breakfast” at 5 pm) i drove into baltimore and met up with shortieterp and her friends at howl at the moon for her birthday’s happy-hour. had me two whiskey and cokes for $0.50 each, sang songs and generally had fun.

after that we went to xs for sushi and i had some philadelphia rolls (mmm mmm)… i had tried them for the first time just the other day and really liked them. i almost over-stuffed myself on them, though – even though it was only 6 pieces, once i finally had the 6th piece i felt like i was about to bust. 😛

afterwards, kelly dropped me back off by howl at the moon so i could retrieve my car from the parking garage – since parking at the lot i was at was a flat $15 after 5 pm (or $12 if you paid between 5 pm and midnight, and i had pre-paid so it was $12 for me), and since i didn’t know where xs was, i rode in her car to the sushi and she dropped me back off since i was considering coming back to the power plant live area afterwards anyways. so, once i was dropped off, i wandered over to mosaic to see what was going on in there, and next thing i knew i was forking over the cover charge and getting me a red bull and vodka.

once i had finished about a quarter of my drink i had started dancing and didn’t stop for the next hour and a half. i give myself silver stars and a-minuses for tonight for rawking the dancing and grooving with the cute girls in the club even though the glenn-charm wasn’t all “in da club” like last night. still, it was good times, and i had some revelations and insights:

  • i’m a dancing machine fueled by red bull + vodka… for two nights in a row that drink has got me going and going like the energizer bunny
  • it’s easier for me to dance and make a fool of myself when i’ve done it so many times before that i’ve got no reputation left to destroy… see exhibits a, b, and c
  • when 80-90% of the guys in the club are just standing around, and you’re one of the few people dancing, it’s a lot easier for the ladies to take notice of you when you’re not blending in with everyone else, and gets a few of them in the mood to come over and dance with you too
  • i’m a decent-looking single guy, so why shouldn’t i be out dancing and meeting the ladies given opportunity to do so? better than those guys in their mid-30s trying to pick up girls in their early 20s… i don’t want to be That Guy.

    now to get some z’s. my ears are ringing.