#3909 – charity nation



but before our hero collapses, a few words:

so, i had been wanting to go into dc, festive and i had been wanting to find out if taking the metro in to dc from our apartment (no driving needed!) was feasible, and michelle wanted to finally get to meet meowremix3804… so, emily was going to meet up with us here at the apartment, we’d then take the metro in, and party it up at nation (a big ol’ club in dc).

turned out through my directions and such emily missed the exit off of 95 toward our area, so she just went straight into dc. spelchec, michelle, and i were going to take the metro in by ourselves, but michelle’s “i’ll be ready in 5 minutes” turned into 5*2 minutes, and we just barely missed the first bus and had to wait around for a while for the next.

once we got into dc, i realized that i had wanted to stop at an atm to get another $20 (i had already stopped at an atm earlier in the day, but only got $20 at that time). unfortunately, they didn’t have an atm in our metro station, oh well.

the line to get into nation was looooong. michelle found a $10 bill on the ground. since she was hungry, she and tom went to go find food and i stayed in line. once i got in, while i was waiting to be frisked to make sure i didn’t have any contraband (mentos?? oh noes!), i found a $20 bill on the floor. score! cover was $30 – next week is the last event they’ll be having there since it’s all going to be bulldozed over for the new baseball stadium for the “gnats”, which is really sad times because i kind of liked it in there and this was only my first time going, so i’m going to try to get a ticket so i can go next friday.

found emily in the club, had a vodka and red bull, met her friends, and explored the club (it’s 3 stories of dancing and djs!). hung out in one room with couches and watched people for a bit. danced a little and watched the scene over this balcony on the dance floor below. had a red bull and vodka citron vodka, but didn’t care for this one as much. felt bad for one guy in line for the bathroom – he had just gotten to the club and got inside and had already been puked on by the guy next to him in line. danced some more. emily said michelle and tom were weaksauce for not coming in. followed emily to the room with the couches and ended up dancing in there while she marveled at the dj.

when i was dancing in there, pretty much most of the people on their feet at the time were just watching the dj and hanging out by him, and it was only myself and these two girls (who i presumed were friends with each other) just dancing around the three of us together. one was pretty cute looking in a long dress with her hair back in a ponytail and a tattoo up her back (i didn’t notice this until later), and when the other girl went away for a bit the cute girl and i danced together for ages, and during this time i figured i may as well find a chance to talk to her and see what she was like because we seemed to be playing off each other pretty well on the dance floor. after a while she wiped her forehead since we were all getting pretty hot from dancing and left the room, and i followed a few seconds later but couldn’t find her… i poked around upstairs and looked over the balcony downstairs to see if i could see her but couldn’t see anything. eventually i found her with some friends of hers (two guys and a girl, but she didn’t seem like she was close with either of the guys), so i got myself a gatorade and stood back in the shadows hoping she wouldn’t notice me glancing over at her. eventually i saw her and one of the guys wave at the other two and it looked like they were leaving, but a little while later while i was standing there i saw her walk by in front of me by herself and so i turned on the ol’ glenn charm and jumped out to talk to her:

me: “hi! i have to compliment you on your dancing, you were very good! i’m glenn, what’s your name?”

girl: “hi, i’m charity!”

me: “can i at least get you a bottle of water or a gatorade or something, you seemed to be getting pretty hot up there…”

charity: “oh, no thanks, we’re just about ready to go.”

me: “oh, that’s a shame… this is my first time here, and i wish i had come here before, it’s pretty awesome!”

charity: “yeah, it’s a really neat place, it’s a lot of fun!”

me: “definitely! are you going to the final party next week? maybe i’ll see you again there?”

charity: “oh, no, actually… i’m getting ready to move to california tomorrow.” *makes a sad face with a thumbs-down*

me: “aw, that’s too bad… where in california?”

charity: “los angeles.” *another sad face and two thumbs down*

me: “oh well. best of luck to you, then!”

charity: “you too!”

it was still a little while before they actually ended up leaving (they went back and forth past where i was standing a few times), and each time they went by me she’d smile and wave at me and i smiled and waved back, haha. what a tease! 🙁 too bad, she was fun to talk to, fun to dance with, and a great dresser, haha… i still get a gold star, an a+, the a-1 steak sauce award, and kudos for doing my darndest to get her digits (which i know i could have gotten if she didn’t happen to be moving).

so the club emptied out at 4:30 am roundabouts, and i hung outside the club until the bouncers started shooing people away and walked back to the metro station. based on information that i thought i was told by michelle, i thought the subway opened back up at 5. at just around 5 some metro employees showed up but went into a building across the street. a bunch of gay black guys came on over to the entrance to the subway too and were shouting and goofing off, and then one of them set off some firecrackers by us not once, but twice, causing a cop who was around the corner to come around and yell at them and they said that they weren’t doing it and the cop didn’t believe them for a second… they ended up going across the street and shooting off more firecrackers. loud and rapid explosions in southeast dc = NOT FUN.

so, 6 o’clock came, and still no subway. workers showed up to work on the building under construction across the street, so i watched them at work. two guys came over to me at different times wondering if i’d sell them any cigarettes. an old man with bag of batteries thought i was yelling at him when i didn’t say a word and started to yell back at me for a second before he wandered away. dump trucks came and went for the construction – i’ve never seen so many driving around at once! i poked on the metro’s webpage on my phone and that’s how i found out it was going to open at 7. metrobuses were going by all this time, but none were going where i would need to go (though i did see the vegetable bus “V8”! it goes to deanwood station on the orange line).

just before 7 the station-mistress showed up and started getting the station ready, and shortly after 7 she let us in (there were only myself and two other people there waiting – nobody at all from the club other than myself were hanging around, and for most of this time i was just sitting there watching the cars go back and forth on the street and the sky get lighter as the sun rose). anyway, it turns out that the 5 am bit is correct, but for weekdays and not weekends.

took the subway back to the silver spring station, got breakfast at mcdonald’s while waiting for the bus, and then rode the bus back here. right now i’m a little loopy because of no sleep, but i did see some bizarre things (like some guy dressed up like poor imitation of this guy – he had a headband, big shiny reflective sunglasses, a jacket that looked like an old “members only” jacket, and was eating a bag of potato chips while looking directly at the bus i was in and giving some big animated speech and then would start dancing in this gas station’s parking lot, all while we were stopped at a red light) that i couldn’t tell if they were real or hallucinations – who knows if someone slipped me the mickey in my drinks??

now, time for some z’s, as tonight i get to go back out and party it up again.