#3903 – long story made short

as you saw, our power went out at work today; first the lights went out but the computers and the desks stayed on (we’ve got a backup generator for that), then later everything went out, and then the lights came on but the computers and desks and phones stayed out. eventually, about 90 minutes after it all started, they finally got the computers back up and running too, but the air conditioning was still out. that was out for the rest of the day – later on they gave us some ice creams, and though they could get the fans on for the a/c they weren’t able to get the a/c itself back up and working, so around 4:30 they said that we could take unpaid leave, or use vacation/personal time to go home early if we wanted, and i ended up leaving an hour early.

today’s weather was a tease, though – 77 degrees, slight breeze, and partly cloudy… perfect motoring weather! i did not want to go back into that office and do work (whether or not the office was air conditioned).

went home, got my cables for my computer (charger, etc.) that i had left at home when packing up last night… oops.

met up with some friends in columbia for sushi for festive‘s birthday; i tried philadelphia rolls for the first time and i like ’em (mm, cream cheese). after that we went to the cheesecake factory for cheesecake, but some of us had already had our desserts so we put cherries on our free bread and ate that with a fork and knife instead.

leaving the cheesecake factory, these people saw spelchec with his camera and asked if he could take a picture of them…

group: “hey, can you take our picture?”

spelchec: “sure, do you have a camera?”

group: “uh, no… we just want our picture taken. it’s her birthday.”

us: “it’s festive‘s birthday too!”

group: “ok, get in the picture with us!”

spelchec: “say cheese!”

*camera senses it needs a flash and the flash pops up*

group: “OOH!!”

camera: *flash!*

since i have to be at work at 8 am i figured it was not in my best interest to go see the pirates of the caribbean movie tonight (i KNOW someone is going to want to go out to a diner or something afterwards!), so i came back to the apartment and farted around and watched “field of dreams” on tv.

tomorrow night we might be trying to get into dc via metrobus/metrorail to poke around / eat / booze it up / find me some ladies… who knows how that will go. i messaged a few other people who might be interested, we’ll see how that goes.

it’s a good thing that i got involved in the dc metro minis club again – it’s taking the busywork out of finding something to do each weekend and giving me an opportunity to meet mini cooper chix, haha… so far the rest of my weekends this summer are starting to look pretty busy:


15 – orioles game (brian roberts bobblehead day!)

16 – no plan

22 – leave for louisiana via atlanta

23 – atlanta

29 – leave for home from louisiana via atlanta

30 – leave for home from atlanta


5 – dc metro minis @ king’s dominion (italian job roller coaster!)

6 – no plan

12 – no plan

13 – no plan

19 – no plan

20 – no plan

26 – dc metro minis river-tubing

27 – no plan

i may see if i can work a day/weekend trip to the beach in there for one of those “no plan” weekends, or maybe atlantic city if/when new jersey gets off its butt and gets a budget going so the casinos can open back up, and festive and i still need to make a 3 am run to the 24-hour apple store, haha… maybe i’ll see if i can organize a mini cooper trip to the drive-in theater, hrm.

also: i’m annoyed at my toilet, it keeps running… i’m tempted to attempt to fix the seal that’s hooked to the toilet handle myself, it’s been going on for a month now and the apartment people still haven’t fixed it and i can just see our water bill going up up up because of it. 😛

also also: sooo tempted to get the 17-40mm f/4 L lens to replace my kit lens because i REALLY REALLY want something in that range that’s better than the kit lens (an L series one would be perfect!), but i’d have to get it before july 15 to take advantage of the mail-in rebate offer. hrm. 🙁 camera lens? or tires? hrmm.