#3895 – 4th of july gentlemanlyness

i think i’m just going to stay here tonight and then wake up early to shower and then go to the apartment to get dressed for work instead of going to the apartment tonight; that heat and sun today has tired me out.

had fun for my 4th of july festivities; met up with the dc metro minis motoring club and we did a small parade through capitol hill in dc, then a motoring run through the countryside (about an hour or so… i really need new tires, my wheels were screeching and squealing on so many of the turns i made and there were one or two that i was sliding on a little, but it was awesome fun taking turns and twisty roads at 2-3x the normal speed limit XD), a pit-stop for any car-cleaning that needed to be done after the run and to have some lunch, and then we were going to be in the parade through annapolis except there was a big storm with lightning and they cancelled the parade. we still had our cookout after the rain stopped and then we watched the fireworks from a rooftop in downtown annapolis. got to make some new motoring friends and i hope that i’ll be able to come out to more events this year than last year because today was fun times! hopefully i’ll be able to get my pictures organized tomorrow, if not tonight.

at the parade i got to sit in a classic mini cooper, and it had surprisingly more room than i thought; it’s still a little bit cramped for me, though.

at our barbecue i was such the gentleman, hahahaha (it’s true!); after the rain had stopped and they started up the grill outside, we moved our chairs outside as well, except this one girl (who reminded me a lot of evilyn) had an indoor-only chair and so was left standing outside since the only other chair out there was wet from the rain. i offered her my seat, but she declined and said she was just going to go get a towel from inside to dry it off (which was what i was going to do myself anyway). a little while later she decided to go get some folding chairs from her mini, and our hostess at this cookout volunteered me to help her get her chairs. when the girl said that she could do it herself, our hostess said “nonsense! glenn’s a gentleman, he’ll help you get them!”, even though i was already getting up to go help her out, haha. so we talked mini cooper stuff to and from her car and she was surprised i hadn’t been out to many events before even though my car is 2 years old 😀 too bad she’s 7 years older than me 🙁 oh well, lol. when we were leaving i showed her how to get out of annapolis, and i also gave two other girls who were there a ride in my car back to my house so they could get to their car in the parking lot across the street because i was volunteered for that by our hostess as well, haha. they weren’t my type, though. oh well 2: return of the oh well.

i need to report to mom and dad tomorrow so they can call uncle eric; he and aunt carol are moving down to florida this summer, and they need someone to drive their mustang convertible down to florida for them, and they’ll fly them back home. they thought i’d be interested (and i kind of am), but their suggested date was when i’d be coming back from louisiana. i have off later in that week (thursday, august 3 – sunday, august 6), but that weekend is otakon (which i doubt i’ll go to), a trip to kings’ dominion with DCMM for the italian job roller coaster (august 5), or maybe even some other trip somewhere (the beach?). they need to call uncle eric tomorrow to figure out what we’re doing, because if i can’t make it then dad’ll just be driving the mustang down there by himself and uncle eric needs to buy the airplane tickets before he goes to france this week. hrm.