#3884 – purple heart

if last night i deserved an “a” for effort, tonight i deserve a purple heart… it seriously must have been busted-ass ladies’ night at the club, because damn were there a bunch of busted-looking girls in there. i saw maybe a half-dozen decent looking ones, but unfortunately most of the decent looking girls didn’t stop dancing with the guys they were with. lame, lame. one girl looked decent for a while, until i saw her smile and then she looked like a hockey player. 😛 another girl grabbed me to have me dance with her, and she and her friends were ok looking but not really my type. yet another girl grabbed me to dance, and i felt like i was dancing with gigantor – this girl was taller and larger than me! yikes!

we looked in mosaic after we left, but we weren’t really feeling like going into any other clubs tonight.

i think i prefer lounges over clubs, it’s a lot easier to start chatting up girls when you can hear what you’re saying, not to mention what they’re saying back to you (even though there is the bonus benefit of booty dancing in the club).

i think on our next adventure out we’re going to explore getting into dc for dancing via the metro. i’m feeling a little lonely tonight, though. sigh, sigh.

in other news, i made some icons from the EMAIL!! cartoon because it keeps cracking me up


feel free to use any of them if you want. i guess they’re good if you like gigantic internet-penises 😛