#???2 – cafe ole


  • woke up around 9, hopped in the shower, drove to baton rouge, and took pictures of sk8bette and her new mini cooper
  • went to sonic for lunch, was tempted to steal the tray they gave me for my car when the server asked if i wanted to keep it (and by “keep” she really meant “use while you’re here at the drive-in eatery”)
  • went to the mall of louisiana, walked around, texted with festive, and had me a cafe au lait and beignets
  • knickee_lynn advised me of a coffee place called “coffee call” (i keep wanting to call it “coffee time”, hrmph), and i stumbled across it while motoring around baton rouge and went there for another cafe au lait
  • motored around baton rouge some more, met up with nikki, and she showed me around the highlights of downtown / lsu (we saw mike the tiger! he hammed it up for my camera, hahaha) before getting dinner at louie’s diner
  • picked up her friend lauren and went to cc’s coffee and met her new boy who gave us free coffee (yay another cafe au lait!)
  • motored back to the verdins’


  • got some ideas i might try to do tomorrow, depending on what details i can find out
  • tomorrow evening, meet up with nikki in metarie for drive-thru daiquiris and snocones

    i also have a neat idea for something i may try to do with my cubicle at work, hee hee…