#3881 – did i do that?

festive: “you need less free time on your hands”

me: “i need more time on my back… ZING!”

went out to mosaic tonight and boozed it up well, i certainly had my share of “assamahol”: pregamed with one jack ‘n coke, and then had at the club one jack ‘n coke, one faux rocket-pop (they didn’t have all ingredients), and two lemon drop martinis.

i tried to get this girl’s digits, but alas it was not to be. it was not for lack of trying this time,though; i spoke with this girl, and later asked her friends about her:

“so, your friend alexandra… she’s pretty cute, is she single?”

“her? oh, no…”

“oh well, it doesn’t hurt to ask…”

“that’s true, it never hurts to ask…”

she came over later (i had previously introduced myself) to see how i was. it was good times otherwise. i give myself a gold star and an “a” for effort.

time to lay in bed and let the room start spinning…