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knickee_lynn, how could you! 🙁

today i was probably more excited than i should be for a wednesday; work was going smooth, did some motoring out for lunch and spent most of my lunch break busting out tunes and singing along in my car. listened to the o’s afternoon game against the phillies (last night’s game was rained out, so they did a double-header today) on my radio at work and we won 7 – 4, and one of my coworkers reminded me that at tonight’s game they were giving away beach towels, and as i wanted a beach towel i figured i’d go to the game.

first i drove to the apartment so i could change my clothes; i could have gone to the game in my work clothes, but i didn’t really want to if i didn’t have to, and i really preferred to be in something more comfortable. grabbed my glove and my camera at the apartment as well. stopped off at the atm to get money (need cash for parking), and sped off to the game. traffic on 95 was stop and creep where i got on the interstate, but after a while it cleared out. i ended up making it to the parking lot at the stadium as the game was starting, and made it into the park just after the first inning. unfortunately they had already given out the 20,000 free towels 🙁 sadness abounded, but not really – you can imagine the quality of 20,000 free promotional towels, so i didn’t really care that much.

sat next to some girl, her boyfriend, and her dad. a guy in front of us was boozing it up and for half of the game grunted and groaned loudly and we couldn’t tell half the time what he was trying to say. had a rain delay for a while which sucked – i had left my umbrella in the car because the weather wasn’t looking like rain and i had thought there wasn’t any in the forecast for today, and i figured that even if it DID rain that i could just use the towel i was going to get. well, i left my umbrella in the car, it ended up raining, and i ended up not getting a towel. sigh.

was going to get this picture of this girl a few rows back who was all dressed up for the o’s game with two friends of hers, but they left before i could get back to them and chat them up. booo.

i actually saw something i’ve never seen before – a guy in the section across from mine said to a beer-man as the beer-man was coming around for last call, “hey, can i get a new beer? this one is warm!” and the beer-man opened up a fresh beer and took the guy’s old beer back, even after he had drank half of it. how about that? *files that under “how to get free beer at baseball games”*

they also did a video montage of the oriole bird mascot going to philadelphia and sassing phillies fans up there and impersonating rocky balboa, it was pretty amusing all the work that they put into it for a 2 or 3 minute video.

our usher was annoying, though… he kept telling people to sit down (even in the 9th inning with 2 outs when we were cheering for our pitcher, he would shout “SIT DOWN! I CAN’T SEE!” while he was lounging in a seat near the front). boo on usher.

took a bunch of pictures, but those’ll have to wait a day or two before i can put them up.

the o’s ended up winning 12 to 5, so it was a fun game to see.

right now there’s a massive-sounding thunderstorm coming in. looks like it’s going to take me a while to fall asleep tonight again – last night i couldn’t fall asleep until something like 3:30 am, and every time i started to drift off i would wake up for something or another.