#3860 – music muscle

the air conditioning at the apartment is out of order (the maintenance guy is working on it as we speak) – it seems that the compressor might have frozen up or something? we’ve got air blowing through, except it’s hot air and it’s already something like 85 degrees in here. so, i’m exercising my music muscle! mom sent this to anne who sent it to me: there’s apparently 72 bands in this picture, and i got 39 of them…

1    white zombie

2    seal

3    guns & roses

4    madonna

5    presidents of the united states

6    the postal service

7    50 cent

8    whitesnake

9    led zeppelin

10    the doors

11    queen

12    sex pistols

13    korn

14    prince

15    iron maiden

16    radiohead

17    the rolling stones

18    the police

19    cars

20    gorillaz

21    b-52s

22    scissor sisters

23    smashing pumpkins

24    eminem

25    nine inch nails

26    matchbox 20

27    phish

28    garbage

29    hole

30    the talking heads

31    black flag

32    the white stripes

33    counting crows

34    the beach boys

35    the lemonheads

36    blind melon

37    red hot chili peppers

38    jewel

39    alice in chains

if you want to see what might be the full list, someone’s got a listing here. yeah, there’s a few that i think i got wrong after glancing through that list, but i don’t think i did too bad by myself.

eta: aha! here’s a better solution (and it shows a little bit more off the sides of the picture, too); you might need to try getting it to load in the page twice if it doesn’t load the first time.