#3859 – careful, that cat's a killer!

have you heard about lewis the cat? this cat has attacked 6 of his neighbors and ambushed the avon lady when she got out of her car… he was going to be put to sleep because he was so aggressive, but the judge said that he can live as long as he stays indoors.

apparently some cat sanctuary in utah offered to keep him because it’s so remote they wouldn’t have to worry about him escaping and terrorizing the neighbors; the closest place to the sanctuary is some western-themed curio shop about 4 miles away:

Victor Sandonato, the owner of Denny’s Wigwam, said he had been warned that Lewis might be staying at the sanctuary.

“Oh, yes,” he said. “I’ve heard all about him.”

But Sandonato said he is not afraid.

“I live with a cat just like Lewis, and I live with danger every time I go home at night,” he said.

But what would happen if Lewis should actually head his way?

“I’m from South Jersey, so I don’t take any crap from a cat,” he said.


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