#3855 – cueball

i feel like i ate a cue-ball for dinner. ugh… i wish it wasn’t monday already, it feels like i was just running errands and getting crap done this weekend and that i didn’t really have any fun. probably because i was too busy running errands and getting crap done that i didn’t have time to do anything else. sigh. it’s annoying.

i need to find something fun to do this week/end. there’s so much that i’ve been wanting to do, but haven’t found the time for the last few weeks. photography has kind of taken a backseat recently; i haven’t even been able to really look through people’s pictures on flickr as much as i would have liked. but in terms of having fun, this weekend was not great.

coolerbythelake has left lj, and knickee_lynn has kinda-sorta left too. 🙁 what is this, the exodus?

to-do this week/end:

  • have fun 😛