#3853 – paintscratch

went home to annapolis to clean some stuff in the backyard that i was to have cleaned up a few weeks ago. since our dryer is still clogged with lint i brought my laundry with me so i could do it at the home.

i figured that while i was here i should give my car a quick wash and try fixing the scratch left in the passenger side from when someone keyed the car about a year ago; i had recently ordered these paint-pens from, and so once i cleaned the car i set about painting over the scratch.

i’m just worried that i might have made it look worse 🙁 the paint did a good job of matching the color of the car, but whether it was because of the way the car was scratched (keying the car left a slight gouge in the fiinish), the length of the scratch (about 9 feet long), my inexperience in using these sort of paint-pens for touch-up work, or some combination of those, it looks a little messy. 🙁 i’m supposed to use this polishing solution to polish and smooth the work i did, but it’s tough going. i’m wondering if i should have polished the paint-job i did before i did the clear-coat, or if i might have not allowed enough time between coats, or if it’ll be a bit easier in the morning after the paint / clear-coat have dried more thoroughly. once the clear-coat had dried i tried polishing some of the parts that i did already, but i couldn’t tell if what i did was of any use at all. 🙁 where i could work at it well i was able to scrape away some of the paint, but i can’t tell if it’s adhered to the scratched-up bit or the parts that i put it on so far weren’t as badly scratched as i thought. it’s all very worrisome. 🙁 🙁 i really should have taken a “before” picture so i could compare.

i mean, if you’re looking at it from a distance or blurring your eyes, you can’t see it; i don’t really mind the gouge that much, i just don’t want to have this odd-colored scratch down the length of the passenger side of my mini, and as long as i can get the scratch itself painted over and looking decent i don’t think i’d mind 🙁

maybe i really should have taken it into the insurance auto-detailing shop to have them do it when i discovered it. only problem was it’s a $500 deductible and would have cost something like $493 to fix. 🙁

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