#3847 – bed

jeez, that took forever! i ended up leaving out the metal piece that goes underneath the crossbar since i couldn’t fit it AND the poles in, and besides you sleep on the slats and not this crossbar thing anyway.

i definitely need a queen size mattress, though. and a vacuum cleaner.

i chipped the corner of one of the glass cube-lamps i got for my headboard of my bed when i picked them up together… they clanked together and the front bottom corner chipped away so now there’s a small hole there. phooey! at least we only bought them a week ago, and i’ve still got the receipt and packaging, so back to ikea it will go to be exchanged!

my chair fits in perfectly between my bed and my desk. the bed is actually a lot larger than i expected now that it’s all put together. i can still get around, but it’s a lot different than when it was just the mattress on the floor. the pull-out shelves in the headboard are great, except for one thing; the carpet itself is so thick it takes a lot more effort than it really should when rolling the shelves out from the headboard. eh, i’ll live.

i’m starving though… time for some kibble and watch some tv before bedtime…

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