#3846 – cross-bar

ARGH. i think this ikea designer was smoking copious amounts of crack, because no matter what i try i can’t get these bars screwed into the crossbar for the bed. i’ve got the frame of the bed all assembled no problem, and i’m only about 2 or 3 steps away from finishing the entire thing, but i don’t know how they expect me to fit this screw in to these four different things!

there’s the crossbar that runs the length of the bed up the middle, and this bracket that goes above it. the bracket is supposed to have a screw go through each side of the bracket into a little metal piece that holds the bracket to the crossbar, and then into these two (four, actually – two on each side) rods that will end up making an “X” across the bedframe for extra support. i can get the screw into the bracket, into the metal piece that holds the bracket to the crossbar, and into ONE of the two rods, but there’s not enough screw to get the other rod in there securely, if at all. i was even going to use these bolts that the bracket itself came with and kind of split the instructions between what the bed says and what the bracket itself says (the bed has particular instructions for this bracket which was what i was following), but the bolts won’t fit into the rods. argh argh argh.