#3826 – somewhere in this conversation

why am i still up? i should be in bed, but it’s hot and i don’t want to deal with crickets.

so, yesterday we were poking around at ikea to see if there was anything that caught our eye or that we think we might need; i found one room that was painted about the exact color i’d like to paint mine (i’m still considering. it’s an eggplant-y color.), but it had this picture below hanging in it and i really liked how it all looked… later i found the print in the self-serve section of ikea:

me: “ooh!”

festive: “you do not need audrey hepburn!”

me: “i think it’s more a question of ‘does audrey hepburn need me?’…”

festive: “heh…somehow i think the phrase ‘in my pants’ belongs in this conversation somewhere…… and hanging a picture of audrey hepburn over your bed isn’t exactly going to help get you any action with the ladies.”

me: *mimes covering up audrey’s eyes with one hand* “no! don’t look!”