#3822 – 27 seconds

so apparently apple is going to be using gisele bündchen in an upcoming ad, so i hear. people were starting to speculate about what an apple ad would have her do; this one guy’s idea was pretty hilarious…

27 seconds of a white background…

gisele: “hi! i’m a mac!”

roseanne barr: “…AND I’M A PC!”

*cue apple logo*

so i was fed up with my piddly-squat credit card, and now a shiny new one with a limit of 2150% more than what i currently have (it’s sad when your credit limit attached to help prevent overdraft of your checking account is larger than your actual credit card!) is being sent to me in the next few days.

my mini cooper turns 2 years old in two days, so to celebrate i finally ordered some touch-up paint from to fix the scratch along the side where someone keyed it a year or so ago. too bad it’s estimated to take 4 days or so before it ships (and then about another 5 days to ship on top of that); i was hoping to apply it this weekend. 🙁 oh well…