#3819 – clams on the half-shell and rollerskates

don’t be a drag, participate!

clams on the half-shell

and rollerskates!

i was listening to this at work and thought of how random those lines are, and started cracking up about how it might go if there was a jeopardy category of “obscure song lyrics”…


me: “what are ‘good times’?”

hahahaha… that’s what i do when i’m getting a little bit bored as i’m doing my job, my mind wanders… this one was good too:

i was talking with whammywah the other day about the little league world series games that were being shown on espn… just watching it seemed like a bunch of midgets playing baseball, and that got me thinking about what it would be like if you took a team of midgets against an all-star team of major league players – the midgets would keep getting walked when they would be up at bat since the pitches would go right over their head (they wouldn’t have a strike zone!), and it’d just be a parade around the bases with them bringing in the runs.

whammywah: “i love that this is what you sit around and think about all day, bahahahaha”

also, moments_of_zen has been updated with more chuckles!