#3814 – mosaic

cookout was good – had a hot dog and a bratwurst, drank some al-kee-hol, played some gi-tar hero, and watched 4 out of 6 episodes of “the it crowd” which i am seriously hearting now, it’s great!

drove into dundalk, and i had heard stories about it and had driven past it before, but this was the first time that i had seriously driven into dundalk. mary prankster’s “blue skies over dundalk” is that much more chucklearious now (for non-marylanders or those who don’t happen to live around baltimore, dundalk = chemical plants, super industrial place). my eyes were practically watering when i was driving into there, and i cracked up when i saw signs that said “WARNING: AREA SUBJECT TO DENSE SMOKE”.

so meowremix3804 and i went into baltimore to see nicola conte at mosaic, and it was great! my first time there, and it was very neat – it’s this outdoor lounge with couches and a bar and chairs and all under these tents right in the middle of all these bars and clubs. it’s surrounded by decorative fencing and planters with shrubbery to prevent people from just jumping on in, but you could seriously just stand just outside this thing and eavesdrop on the dj with no problem. we were there for about 3 hours or so before heading out, but i really enjoyed it. i’ll definitely have to check it out again some other time: not only is all that type of music right up my alley, but the place had a good feel to it too. the nice thing about it is since it’s outside it’s not all smoky and stuffy like inside a club would be; the bad thing is since it’s outside, you’re at the mercy of the elements and the heat (though at night it’s not as much of a problem as you might expect, even though i did get pretty hot and feel stanky and need a shower and need to wash my clothes since they’re all piled up in my room).

emily also told me about, and so right now i’m downloading a set by nicola conte at the montreaux jazz festival, and just finished downloading the entire set of daft punk’s gig at coachella this year. good stuff.

came back home afterwards, mom says that dad’s all about the new computer so we’re going to see about buying it tomorrow.

my room is a mess and needs cleaning badly, but why bother if i’m packing stuff up to leave in a week and a half?