#3813 – audience participation

woke up this morning with not really any ill effects after last night; went out to “howl at the moon” for happy hour and then karaoke with festive, mytinyworld, bruno_boy, spelchec, _dream_believer, and a few other friends too. howl at the moon was pretty neat, i got a kick out of it – there were two pianos, each with their own piano player, and they’d alternate songs or do back-and-forth banter during songs and were getting the audience to join in too. for example, during “margaritaville” by jimmy buffet, with the help of audience participation the following additions to the song were invented:

some people claim there’s a wo-man to blame…

girls: bullshit!

guys: shut up, bitch!

girls: fuck you!

guys: damn straight!

girls: in your dreams!

guys: blow me!

girls: your brother’s bigger!

…but i know, it’s nobody’s fault

there’s no beating rum ‘n cokes for $0.50 / each, and bottles of beer for $1.75. yay for matt’s friend winning a happy hour there for 100 friends and getting us the hook-up!

afterwards, we went out to remington’s and spoothed met up with us there and it was the most bizarre karaoke night ever – the usual dj and the usual waitress weren’t there, and there were an overabundance of crazy folk there. some lady (we think she might have been the manager) wanted to dance with dave, the karaoke dj was supplemented with a dirty old pavarotti-esque man (pavarotti-esque in that he was wearing a tuxedo, and dirty and old in that he kept telling the ladies “HEY, GO DANCE WITH THE ‘STRIPPER’ ‘DISCO’ POLE. I LOVE IT WHEN YOU LADIES HAVE FUN WITH MY POLE!”… yeah, he had problems). there was some old dude that looked a little like burt reynolds, but older, not as sexy, and half-zombie. some biker chicks / lesbians came on in to get their dance on. overall, it was entirely the opposite of our usual karaoke night, i still don’t know what to make of half of it, hah.

i think i’m finally getting the parents to upgrade the imac they’ve been using for the past 6 years; they bought it when they gave me a digital video camera for my high school graduation so that i could do digital video editing, but it’s now old and slow and the hard drive sounds like it’s going to go kaput at any moment with the clicking noises it makes (this is at least the second hard drive i’ve put in it during those 6 years). so, i’m talking them into getting a new imac and am putting my ifsm skills to work with figuring out what to do with old equipment, what stuff they’ll need for this new one, and so on. dad comes home later today and mom’s into the idea of a new computer, so she’s going to talk to him to see what he thinks while i’m out at a cookout and at the club tonight with meowremix3804, and then depending on what he thinks we might have a new 17″ intel imac for me the family to fool around with.

now, showertime and then to get ready for the cookout.