#3804 – email for bad, email for good

work was (again) not too bad, other than waking up at 5:30-rackum-frackum-a.m. in order to do some more overtime at 7 am. since i had all but finished my assignment before i had left work yesterday, all i had to do today once i came in was send the person in charge of this project an email and a spreadsheet describing what i did. after that, it was a bunch of sitting around while i waited for them to come in to give me more stuff to do before i started my shift at 9 am.

one of my coworkers got an email request from some police department, and their point-of-contact said “can someone at verizon wireless get their head out of their ass and get this account fixed?!” now that is just unprofessional, whether or not they’re a frustrated customer. even when i was having my bad experience with dension, or even my bad experience with, i never sunk to name-calling in my direct correspondence. that’s just pointless.

the day itself went along pretty smoothly with me in a good mood (and, yes, i kept listening to “rough justice” over and over again), but then i got some emails from some fraternity brothers who had an end-of-semester party a day or two ago (why didn’t i go? 1. i didn’t find out about it until it was in-progress via my little’s away message, and 2. there’s this whole waking-up-at-5:30-a.m. and make some cash-money thang going on that kind of cramps any party-until-who-knows-when plans) and kept going on and on about who was getting what action with which girls at the party, and i’ve been feeling various shades of lonely today ever since then. sigh, sigh, sigh. can’t get no satisfaction, indeed. 🙁 is some cuddling and/or booty too much to ask for? 🙁 🙁

came home, poked at flickr (dad’s got a photo listed as one of the top-10 “interesting” ones on flickr for the 21st). watched american idol (my interest in the show is only really at the beginning and the end of the series, seeing the crappy people singing at the start and the season finale) and was pleased that taylor won as i thought he was a much better all-around entertainer. the finale was excellent, entertainment-wise. the dj on the radio during my morning commute said this morning that he doesn’t see what the big deal is about the whole “american idol” concept, so last night instead of watching the show he watched “the sting” instead and i got a kick out of that since that’s one of my most favorite movies ever.

i finally emailed university of maryland, university college tonight also – basically asked them for advice for transferring, and included a copy of my transcript so they can help determine what courses would transfer and what i’d still need to take there. have to wait and see what they come back with.

sk8bette asked me some questions about mini coopers tonight, and she just recently bought the same phone i have, that copycat! 😉 hopefully she’ll be able to get a mini by july for some motoring! and speaking of motoring, one thing that i thought of that has me excited for the drive itself is just singing in the car all the way there. i sing in the car a LOT. moreso now since i’ve started karaoke than before. still, i’m always singing along to some song or another, but they have to be good singing-songs for me to sing to them; they have to have that certain feeling to them that make them singable. it’s more fun than bruno_boy‘s and my game “the good, the bald, and the ugly”, bahahaha…

and speaking of karaoke, this weekend is going to be packed packed packed with stuff to do:


  • baseball (real or virtual) with bruno_boy
  • possibly going to howl at the moon for happy hour?
  • karaoke; i’ve already got some songs in mind, i’ll have to try them out in the car on my way to and from work.


  • cookout at dennis’ apartment with many friends and (former) co-workers
  • might go to see nicola conte with meowremix3804 (i <3 <3 nicola conte, i bought "bossa per due" back when i worked at tower and it's still one of my most favorite albums - it's like a cross between jazzy vespa-riding music and in-game music from "the sims" :P) i am ALL ABOUT THIS. emily, you NEED to fill me in with your plans for this, hahahaha... monday:
  • no plans yet

    tomorrow, festive and i are going shoe-shopping! i need new shoes, partly because i’m in need of new shoes, and partly because my current shoes aren’t exactly going to be up to the dress code come june 1.

    also, now that it’s after midnight, though, this means that it’s only 13 more days until move-in at the apartment. can’t wait! 😀

    now time for bed, probably should have gone to bed an hour or so ago, but oh well.