#3800 – rough justice


some days i feel like i just don’t know what’s going on.

anyway, today i worked 7 am – 7 pm doing some overtime so i could get some extra money for gas and travelling saved for july (contrary to popular opinion, mini coopers do need to get their gas tanks filled up on occasion!). eh, it wasn’t anything spectacular. just a bunch of checking mobile numbers to be sure that they had their discounts properly on the account, and fixing/crediting the discounts if they didn’t. i actually got through all the stuff they gave me to do so far, but i’m still going to go in tomorrow morning; at least then i can get some extra pay and not really need to do anything. besides, i don’t know when the person who gives out these projects will be coming in, so once she arrives i can get more work to do for overtime.

the neat thing about this work being just tedious and not really requiring much thought is that i’ve been paying attention to the lyrics of a few songs that i never really paid attention to before, and boy are some of them surprisingly well-written! the bad thing is at work i keep thinking of songs that i want to listen to, and if i had my laptop (or even if i was able to put itunes on my computer at work – ha, like that’d go over well even if i had access to do so) i could download these songs to my computer to listen to. unfortunately, i just need to make a mental note to get the songs when i can. i had dido’s “white flag” stuck in my head the other day and bought that last night, and i also had “rough justice” by the rolling stones stuck in my head about a week ago and since i still wanted to listen to it i just got it right now. i had only remembered the beginning:

One time you were my baby chicken

Now you’ve grown into a fox

Once upon a time I was your little rooster

But am I just one of your cocks

but finally seeing all the lyrics together make it much better than the “IT’S ROUGH JUSTICE OH YEAH BLAH BLAH BLAH BLAH ROUGH JUSTICE YEAH YEAH” that i knew it as before since i never really paid attention to the lyrics. same with “white flag” by dido – i’ve never really been much of a dido fan (i thought “thank you” was overplayed), and though i have a remix of “thank you” as done by deep dish, i never really listened to any of her other stuff. i had seen the music video for “white flag” on itunes, but again i never really paid it much thought. i heard it all the way through for the first time while driving back from new york on sunday, and i was impressed! now i’m thinking about buying her latest album, especially if the other songs are as good as this one was.

(speaking of itunes, color me upset that they don’t have many/any old 80s music videos. grrrr…)

so i got my tons and tons of pictures from this weekend uploaded and tagged, finally. check them all out here or see a few of my favorites…

We found Kelly!

Mom taking a picture of Kelly


Justin's Car



Food or Nest?

Secret Door


Make Way for Goslings


Here I am!

anyway, i should probably get to bed, seeing as i’ve got another 7 am – 7 pm shift tomorrow. just think of the paycheck, glenn, think of the paycheck…