#3799 – good mood

i’ve been in a pretty good mood most of today; i was actually pretty pleased with myself while working today, and didn’t mind coming back to work after the weekend. but then again, i’ve also had this and patrick hernandez’s disco hit “born to be alive” stuck in my head all day (it was on the radio when i was coming back from nyc, and it was the first time i had heard it in ages… the last time i heard it was a few years ago on‘s read my lips clips, but for some reason they don’t have the clip online anymore – i can only find it here), so i’m probably just feeling especially silly.

anyway. there’s no baseball game on tv monday-wednesday this week, and since they were offering overtime to help fix up some federal accounts i figured i could use the money and volunteered myself to work 7am – 7pm tuesday/wednesday and 7am – 6 pm on friday. depending on if they offer any overtime next week i may do some then too; this cash’ll come in handy since i put in vacation time for driving on down to louisiana july 22-30. i kind of wish that i could have gone from the 8th-16th, but the family is going on a vacation the week previous and not returning until the 10th, and that cuts into my traveling time and i need to be home anyway until they return in order to cat-sit. oh well.

my pictures from this weekend (i took 273, and narrowed it down to 121!) are uploading to flickr overnight, but don’t look yet because i still need to fix up the tags and captions and such! hopefully i’ll be able to get to that tomorrow.

ok, bedtime; i meant to go to bed at 10:30 but for some reason i’m just not sleepy yet… 😛 maybe it’s because i’m used to these 1am bedtimes?? hmm… i wonder… oh well. 😛

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