#3796 – in which i give in to chance, because she is a demanding mini!

we’re getting ready to go on up to new york city to see feisty_fitz‘s ship depart; turns out it’s going to be leaving on sunday and not tomorrow as was originally intended. guess i’ll have to investigate the new 24-hour apple store! bahaha

i also took a look at my schedule and such at work today; turned out monday was listed as a personal day in the vacation scheduler, so that’s good to know now. right now, i’ve got about 50 hours or so left for vacation time in the year. that’s more than 35 hours, so i’ve got enough time to take a full week off of work! yes, my mini is demanding i take her on a road trip. the only days i have already scheduled off for the rest of the year are june 7 (move-in day at the apartment), and august 3-4 (my birthday).

i checked the days that have enough time throughout the week so that i’d be able to take off, and this is what’s available:

  • june 26-30
  • july 10-14
  • july 24-28
  • july 31-august 4
  • august 21-25
  • august 28-31 (we can’t take vacation in september, since it’s crunch time :P)

    now to figure when and where, so monday (or tuesday at the latest) i can schedule the time off before someone else in my team does!