#3790 – deeee-lish fish

this fish isn’t half bad, though! in fact, it’s very good! i browned it in butter, and as it was cooking i put lemon pepper on one side, and when i flipped it i put old bay on the other, and then added some salt and pepper to it somewhere along the line. deeee-lish fish!

i found another travel-size bottle of tabasco in the spice cabinet, and even though it was still sealed it was empty! well, not completely empty, i guess it had been there so long that the tabasco had kind of evaporated and there was a little bit of tabasco-paste in the bottom of the bottle. it got my hopes up, but oh well, this fish is good even without it.

it’s so good, in fact, i’m thinking of cleaning the frying pan i dumped in the sink and filled with water afterwards just so i can go cook another! couldn’t find any good vegetables to go with it, though. guess i’ll oven up some tater-tots too.