#3788 – rescheduled

there’s a new twist in the scheduling for this week at work. see, i was originally scheduled to take a training class at work called “data foundations 2”, all about pda devices and blackberries and wireless email solutions – the email i had received said it was in training room 1 on may 17 from 8:30 – 5:30, so i got to work just before 8:30 and had enough time to sign in, set myself in the system to say that i was in training, and make my way down to the training rooms. training room 1 had a different class in it, but the lady hosting that session suggested maybe whoever sent out the information got it confused, since when you enter the training wing the rooms go:

entrance 4 3 2 1

and not as you would expect:

entrance 1 2 3 4

so, went into room #4 where they were doing the “data foundations 2” class. i didn’t recognize anybody in there except one of my old managers from the store channel, but i didn’t really pay much attention since i didn’t really remember anybody else who was listed as taking the class at the same time as i was scheduled.

anyway, about halfway through the session, i thought something was weird when they kept talking about the store channel and nothing about federal accounts. i poked around some in my email at work and i found in my emails one from the federal scheduling team that was sent a week ago saying that my session was rescheduled for june 6. whoops! i told the trainer, and he said that if i wanted to i might as well stay since i already put in time for the class and he’d just mark me complete anyway. so, i spent most of my day today playing with pdas and blackberries and stuff like that to see how they worked and to get an idea of enterprise servers and emails and such when i wasn’t supposed to. oh well.

my data cable for my phone arrived today! amazing since i ordered it just before leaving work yesterday, and it was shipped out last night and arrived this afternoon. that’s a pretty good turnaround, much better than what i was expecting. my phone now does a mini cooper’s “beep! beep!” when i get a text message, or it has the sound of a mini’s engine starting and revving for when i get a call; the revving is perfect since it starts out ok but gets louder and louder surprisingly fast!

we’ve also had a bunch of ants running around the house; we’ve speculated that they’ve been coming out of these potted plants in our living room, and since mom and anne don’t want to get any ant-traps because they might be bad for the cats, they’ve resorted to spraying ants with scrubbing bubbles. yeah, i think it’s weird too. anyway, so tonight apparently anne found “billions and billions” of ants in her backpack, so she went on a spree and was vacuuming them up wherever she could find them:

i think the problem isn’t as bad as she’s making it out to be, but then again i didn’t see her backpack tonight… all we kept hearing was “HALP HALP BILLIONS OF ANTS HALP HALP HALP HALP!!” and then the whirrr of the vacuum. imagine that over the course of 2 hours and you’ve got an idea of what my evening has been like.