#3785 – loop the loop

tonight has been a real roller-coaster. who knows where it might go?

my feet are feeling much better; i propped my feet up for most of the day, and after dinner i soaked it in warm water with some disinfectant oil in this massaging/bubbling foot-bath that intrigued the cats with its vibrations. the bottoms of my feet no longer look real nasty and horrible (just especially red for the raw skin), though i did lose my appetite for the leftover roast ham when the color and texture seemed a little familiar halfway through my meal. 😛 mom says that maybe i should try one of those liquid bandages on there, which might be a good idea. i’m cussing a lot less under my breath as i walk now too, which is probably a good sign, hah.

i’m still wondering about the personal day i took today. somehow i feel like the whole situation is going to turn around and bite me in the ass, but i know what i saw this morning. i just wish i documented it somehow to cover my butt.

i spent a significant portion of my day trying to find a sound file of the mini cooper’s horn to use as an alert for my AIM chat program, and it took forever since the page where i knew one was before was changed so the sound was gone. 🙁 i found it eventually, along with a few other things…

  • mini cooper engine/exhaust
  • mini cooper s engine/exhaust
  • mini cooper john cooper works package engine/exhaust
  • mini cooper horn beep
  • mini cooper horn blast

    i took two of those and made this for my alert, haha…

    also put together a few new icons too (i’m using one now). the other two won’t really be of interest or make much sense to 98% of you, though.

    also, i’m in the mood for a self-portrait or two, if only to help remind me of myself. there’s some things that you just know you want to remember. i don’t know yet how i’ll actually do the photo (if i do it at all), but i’ll see. makes me wish i had a clone that could take pictures of me so they’d still be self-portraits and i wouldn’t need to explain what i’d want done. makes me wish i had a personal studio, too. ah well.

    now, to bed and to see what dreams i get tonight…