#3783 – IEX

last night i was telling festive about how my feet were hurting so, and she suggested i take a sick day. i didn’t like that idea, because for one, i sit at a desk all day so it’s not like i’d be on my feet, and two, i didn’t want to appear lazy. so, i woke up at 7:45, took my shower (kind of interesting with these feet), and got to work 3 minutes after i was scheduled but 2 minutes before i’d be considered late.

signed in to the computer system, checked my email, and once i was logged in i checked our scheduling system to see if i had any meetings or anything today. wouldn’t you know it said that i had today as a personal day?? so i logged back out and came back home. one of my coworkers asked me why i wouldn’t just stay at work since i was there already and then i could save my personal day for another day, but i didn’t want to because of sore feet and also because they don’t really like people to schedule days off for the future and then change their minds within 24 hours of the requested day off.

so, now i’m back at home. this isn’t too bad as there’s stuff i need to get done and cleaned up anyway.

now, when i originally heard from sk8bette that she and venusglitz and lissylulu were leaving on a cruise on sunday, i set my return airplane ticket for sunday as well. but now i don’t remember if i gave up the day off i had originally scheduled for today (our vacation scheduling program and our daily scheduling system are two different systems; you can request your days off in one, and the scheduling team updates the other with your days off and any meetings/trainings you get scheduled for).

now, i’d figure that since it said that i was scheduled for a personal day today that i have a personal day for today. the thing is, i don’t know if they put my day off in the scheduler and never updated it since then or what’s going on. i sent my manager an email to let him know why it would show i signed in and back out, but if work calls i’m not going to answer my phone. 😛 besides, my manager isn’t here on mondays, so he’ll get my message tomorrow.

in any case, i hope that it still shows tomorrow that i’ve got the personal day listed in there; while i was on the way home i realized i should have taken a screenshot or something to show what i saw, hah. oh well.

another crazy thing about all this, yesterday knickee_lynn asked me how many minis i usually see on a daily basis, and usually it’s only about two or three. this morning, i saw SIX on my way to work, and one more on the way home. that doesn’t count my own or the other mini in my office parking lot! crazy crazy.