#3782 – worn out


a recap…


  • worked 9 am – noon
  • picked up a mother’s day card for mom
  • went to the airport and flew from bwi to atlanta
  • 3 hour layover in atlanta, sat around the airport and charged my phone
  • flew from atlanta to baton rouge, where was met by knickee_lynn with a “hey, sexy” sign from the “mini cooper messaging kit”, hahahaha 😀
  • got slightly lost on the way to venusglitz‘s and lissylulu‘s place where we were rendezvousing (“rendezvousing” looks funny with that ‘s’ in there, heh…) with sk8bette. it was mostly because because i’m a bad navigator alligator 🙁 haha… we almost ended up in mississippi, whoops!
  • hung out there, and once we were all tired, nikki, ally, melanie, melissa, and myself all went to bed in loranger, but not before calling melanie and melissa nerds, bahaha…


  • woke up around 9ish
  • had a donut and a little bit of this alcoholic fruit-salad we had made (fruit soaked in coconut rum + shredded coconut = fruit that tastes that coconut no matter what the fruit is)
  • people started showing up, party ensued
  • nikki taught me how to peel crawfish and i soon became a crawfish peeling machine; i had some shrimp too and tried to tackle a crab, but there weren’t any mallets so that kind of put a stop to the crab-attacking.
  • boozed it up with a beer or two, some homemade wine, a jack ‘n coke, and (once the coke had run out) a jack ‘n root beer (which wasn’t that bad)
  • shared a wonderful dance with nikki for the dj’s last slow song of the evening
  • kind of clonked nikki upside the head with my elbow, oops… (though she says that her headache was mostly booze-related, which is probably true… jack daniels + moonbounce/spacewalk = bad times…)
  • joked that if the dj played “ice ice baby” that i’d have to go up and dance; later, guess what he played? yup. i jumped up to dance, and let me be the first to inform you that DANCING ON CONCRETE + VANILLA ICE AND MC HAMMER’S BEATS = NO MORE SKIN ON FEET. look at this picture if you want to lose your lunch. it looks slightly worse and slightly better (worse, in that i had to peel away much of the skin there, but better in that it’s much cleaner-looking now), and though it’s feeling much better than it did (i can go up and down stairs without holding on to the handrails for dear life), it’s no fun to go walking around on… i kind of hobble from place to place, and it hurts when driving my mini what with the brake-ing and clutch-ing and accelerating-ing. it made me the life of the party, though. there’s nothing like 200ish people all watching you do the vanilla ice dance and then bust out the rhymes to “can’t touch this” all the while sacrificing your feet for the sake of entertainment in order to become a legend.
  • later on i wasn’t feeling great at all… 🙁 whether it was from too much food, too much booze, too much moonbouncing, too much pain from my feet, being pooped, or general irritation, i felt like i was going to be ill. but, i wasn’t. yay team me.
  • heard about “the goblin” “dot dot dot…” (ask if you want to know, but this story works much better in person)
  • talked with melissa and nikki for a little bit as part of their “slumber party” before going to sleep


  • melanie, melissa, and allyson went off to their cruise early in the morning before we woke up; hope they’re having fun!
  • woke up around 8, woke nikki up, and she was kind enough to take me to the airport. i started missing her by the time i was in the security line. 🙁 at least it was nice to have those hour+ conversations while motoring about, but i’d like to talk again sometime; it was good times and i’m glad i was able to meet her, and thanks very much again for taxi-ing me around in penelope 😀
  • took a while to fly out of baton rouge due to some weight/balance issues with the plane, and got to atlanta shortly before my flight was to start boarding. almost pulled into a gate right across from where my next flight was leaving, but since that gate was occupied and it was taking too long for that plane to leave, they moved us to a gate at the ‘C’ concourse instead of the ‘B’ concourse; so, i had to hobble halfway down the ‘C’ concourse until i got to where i could cross over to the ‘B’ concourse, and then hobble all the way down the ‘B’ concourse to gate 6. meanwhile, my feet were killing me.
  • uneventful flights home
  • changed bandages on my feet and took pictures of what it looks like now (though those aren’t up yet)
  • spent the entire evening putting my photos up online
  • now headed for bed

    i’ll have to give myself a little more time in the morning to get to work just because of this hobbling around. now i know how grandaddy feels, i was going through the atlanta as fast as i could and was getting passed by people left and right. and, as i expected, it was slightly embarrassing explaining to my family exactly how i got these injuries. ah well.

    here’s all of my photos from the weekend; i am very pleased with how they turned out! let me know which ones of those you like (but stay away from the 5th one from the bottom if you don’t want to see my nasty feet! :P)