#3776 – "powerhouse" lends itself to scooters going in circles

you know that factory-ish sort of music? the kind of music that you hear in cartoons that conjures up images of assembly lines, or ants working, or baseball players walking in continuous succession up to home plate and smacking runs? yeah, that music!

bruno_boy and i knew what music we were talking about, but we didn’t know anything about it! was it just some generic song? did it even have a title? how could you describe it to people to see if they knew what it was?? well, dave said something about bugs bunny and that got me thinking of how i could find the song, so i searched google for “factory song used in cartoons” and the second result had EXACTLY what i was looking for!

Q: What is the name of the ”assembly-line” (or ”conveyor-belt,” or ”factory,” or ”construction,” or ”robot”) music I’ve heard in so many.cartoons-?

A: The title is “Powerhouse”, and it was written, performed, and first recorded by Raymond Scott in 1936.

me: HOORAY!!!!!!

bruno_boy: what?

me: this is the happiest moment of my life


bruno_boy: you found it!

me: yup!

me: it’s called “powerhouse”

bruno_boy: so I see

me: i did a google search for “factory song used in cartoons” and turned up this:

me: hooray and it’s on itunes too

bruno_boy: yes!

me: this is fantastic

me: hehehehe

bruno_boy: now we know what the heck we’re singing!

there’s apparently two parts to the song, and people apparently usually hear one or the other but not both, and so tend to think it’s two separate songs; the slow portion is the more assembly-line/factory-ish one, while the fast portion lends itself well to riding scooters around in circles, hahahaha…

of course, after all that work, i realized i might have been able to just ask troutman about the song and that might have saved me a bunch of trouble. 😛

anyway. at work today i was in a meeting about the dress code (they’re making some changes as of june 1), and they’re taking away our casual fridays in order to make us more “professional”. phooey! also, i need a new pair of business-casual shoes as my brown [boots] don’t make it. 🙁