#3771 – rubirosa

a month or so ago i bought this book because of this interview i heard about on the radio with the author; it’s about porfiro rubirosa and man oh man if there was ever the sort of guy that any guy would want to be, HE. IS. IT. seriously!

  • ladies’ man (married something like 5 women, and sexed up hundreds of others)
  • race car driver
  • adventurer
  • airplane pilot
  • jewel thief
  • sportsman

    i started reading the book yesterday, and brought it with me to work today, but i accidentally left it at work when i was leaving. oh well. i’ll have to pick it up tomorrow. i felt kind of weird though reading this one chapter about his legendary manly-bits (peppermills in france are still called “rubirosas”, apparently, due to a certain resemblence) while i was at work – reading that one man, in an effort to find out for himself just how well-endowed porfiro was, followed him into the bathroom and came out excitedly saying “it looks just like yul brynner in a black turtle-neck!” is NOT the sort of thing you want to be seen reading at work 😛 there were some good quotes from there i wanted to type up here, too. oh well.

    unfortunately, i have to work in order to earn my fun, while he didn’t… once in an interview he was asked “what do you do for work??” and he replied “work?? i don’t work, i can never find the time!” instead, he just married his way into money. this is exhibit “a” why i need to hurry up and win the lotto! either that, or get me a sugarmama!

    anyway, has a bunch of info about him, but this is a good introduction, but they have a more in-depth bio. it was weird to read some things about porfiro in the book because they reminded me so much of me (at least in interest) – maybe he’s who i was in a past life or something? i can only hope! hahahaha