#3766 – the internet is a wonderful thing

so far tonight, the internet has provided me with much amusement:

  • a recipe for my spiced iced tea
  • clips and pieces of episodes of “square one”
  • incriminating photos of knickee_lynn
  • links to some mod groups on myspace (ugh, i try to avoid it like the plague, and it draws me in like a black hole of suck), and now i feel dirty. but at least it led me to…
  • local roller derby girls, including one or two who i’d totally let roll my derby ifyouknowwhatimean, dahawhawhaw.
  • a schedule of local roller derby events for said roller derby girls

    as mytinyworld once said after i had a similar chain of discoveries once before, “pants yesterday, and a girlfriend today… the internet is a marvelous thing!”