#3758 – applied

so today festive and i went poking at some apartments; yesterday we had poked at chase ridge and at hampton something-or-other in silver spring. the chase ridge one was nice, while the hampton something-or-other place smelled vaguely of cat and was a handicapped apartment so things were adjusted a bit for wheelchair-accessibility. some things in the hampton whatever-it-was place were kind of weird, though, and we didn’t really care that much for it.

so, last night we did some more poking around and i found this place that had some really good reviews up in columbia, so we went to visit that one today. that one was nice but still had some weird things (like doors that seemed to bang right up into each other, and the closets in the bathrooms). we ended up going back to chase ridge and looked at the model apartment again, as well as getting to see an empty 3-bedroom apartment so we could see what one that’s actually lived in looks like. we ended up filling out an application for it; if we get approved and all, the move-in date would be the 7th or the 8th of june, so by this time next month i might be out of the house and in a place kind of on my own! exciting, right?

after we did all that, i met up with zenmetsu, bruno_boy, and mytinyworld for eats at arundel mills (with the burger king from hell), a ride in dan’s new car to borders (bruno_boy and i played our recently-invented motoring-about game where we try to guess about the person driving a car passing us or their passenger next to them… it’s called “hot chick, or not chick”, or “the good, the bald, and the ugly”) where we poked around and looked at comix and books of old ads from the 60s and the 70s before we ended up wandering to william’s place to watch “final fantasy: advent children” and dan showing us how to fuck the shit, hahahaha… oh phooey, i forgot to look at the magazine section at border’s today to see if they had a copy of “supermodels unlimited”! darn. oh well, maybe next time.

some good quotes of the night:

me: “how’s this for a good pick-up line: ‘does this smell like chloroform to you?'”

me: “if i ever win the lotto… LOOK OUT, WORLD.”

me: “i exist for fun and money!”

william: “dan, as your friend, it is my duty to tell you i have faith in your efforts and i support your endeavors”

me: “give him a hug!”

dan: *opens arms wide for hug*

william: “…that is where i draw the line. friends must also draw lines, and that is where i have drawn mine.”

dan: “ohhhh… :(”

probably some others, i’m feeling egocentric and tired at the moment so that’s all the quotes i can think of at the moment. 😛

oh yeah, and i’m going to hell (again); i was looking up yakety sax on wikipedia to find out who the composer/performer was (boots randolph, apparently), and in the section at the bottom they have a link to footage someone took of “the passion of the christ” and set it to yakety sax and it’s horribly amusing 🙁 🙁 🙁 haha

tomorrow, i may wash my car, i may go see this civil war reenactment dad’s at, or i may do both! who knows?