#3749 – transferring

2. I am a senior, and I have heard that I must take my final 30 credits at UMBC. Is this true?

UMBC has a residency policy which stipulates that a student’s final 30 credits must be

completed on campus. This policy may be waived for up to 2 courses or 8 credits,

provided a student has not exceeded other transfer credit maximums. To request a

“residency waiver,” students must complete a Verification of Transferability form.

interesting… especially since there’s only two classes i’m interested in taking and transferring to umbc…

(30 minutes later…)

ARGH I DON’T KNOW WHAT I SHOULD DO. this business of transferring credits/schools is so bizarre! i should try to talk to an academic advisor at umuc, but i don’t know which way would be better – stay at umbc, or transfer to umuc? both have their good points and bad points…

the number of credits i’d be able to take would be about the same either way, but it’d be easier to take classes at umuc due to their online courses available (which might enable me to take a few credits more, too). the hard part is figuring out what the requirements are and what else i need to take…

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