#3748 – recap

due to my head and throat killing me (that’s what i get for running around in the sun and shouting my lungs out at the o’s game), here’s a recap before i fall asleep:

– worked 9 am – 2 pm

– picked up bruno_boy, hit some baseballs and played some catch after we bought gloves for ourselves at modell’s

– took dave back to umbc

– picked up the light rail into baltimore, went to the o’s game; got in and situate. around the 2nd inning. sat in the bleachers in the outfield. generally boozed it up and had fun since dad’s away doing a civil war reenactment and mom and anne wen to aunt carol and uncle eric’s place for the night and will return sometime tomorrow. didn’t bring the camera so i could have more fun and not worry about taking pictures or taking care of the camera.

– came back home, talked with zenmetsu on the phone (looks like i need to teach 2 people how to drive stickshift now)

– had some popcorn with tabasco and burned up my mouth in the process. 🙁 it’s good but it’s too spicy for my taste 🙁

– watched a few episodes of futurama, then watched most of “pulp fiction” on tv

– bought airplane ticket to louisiana

– falling asleep

i’ll expand with details as necessary tomorrow.