#3742 – what to do, what to do

i realized today that the vacation scheduling system at work lets us schedule ourselves vacation days, even before we’ve accrued them – i had already known that we were able to do this, but i had always figured “eh, don’t bother” because if you quit or got the boot you had to “pay” back your vacation time that you used but hadn’t yet accrued. with the way some things were back when i was in the store, i didn’t know how much longer i could stay in there. i’m feeling pretty good about my current position, though, and while there’s usual b.s. you’d get anywhere else it’s still much better than what i used to have to put up with.

anyway, so i was checking out what days i have off for the few weeks ahead (hoping to have off the whole day on the 12th, but no dice as other people had used the rest of the time available that day leaving me with just a half day, so i’ll have to hop my plane to new orleans after my half-day of work). i had been wanting to do either the road trip to chicago or the minis on the dragon ride on the 5th – 7th. or, neither. i’ve got other things to work on and put money towards rather than a hotel and there’s some things i’ll be needing to do, like look for an apartment with festive. besides, a lot of the event registrations have now closed, so even though it’d be fun to drive the dragon again i think i’ll just hold off until next year for the big outing. :/

i was really hoping when i was looking at the available time off that perhaps i’d be able to take off the whole day on the 12th (i could take off the whole day on the 11th, but i have classes that evening, so that doesn’t work :/ )… i think that just flying down on the 12th is the best way to go, though.

besides, at least by waiting for the dragon next year, not only will chance be paid off by then (hooray! a car of my own and not the bank’s!), but knickee_lynn might be able to go since she better have mastered the manual transmission by then! ;D

so. i guess this was a pointless post? “i want to do x. but, if i did x, then i’d be inconvenienced because of a, b, and c. so, i guess i won’t do x after all.” at least writing down my thoughts tends to help.

i suppose i can release the 5th from my requested days off and figure out a good string of days to go to the beach instead. maybe find out when and where raistlinvassago wants to try out her bikini? hehehe 🙂 ooh, and if my route to the beach has me driving down south, then i’ll tackle the dragon on the way there myself, then!

i’ve got around 8 vacation days i can use, and that doesn’t count the personal days that i’ll still be accruing later this year and i’ve already reserved off for my birthday and otakon so that’s already included too. that’s one reason why i wouldn’t really think of leaving my job at the moment – started my 3rd year with the company and now i get a day and a half of vacation each month from january – october (120 hours) vs the 8 hours / month i got previously (80 hours).